Crossroad Of Love

by Sababa 5 (feat. Yurika)



Sababa 5 is the 2nd release on our Middle Eastern Grooves 7" series

"This kaleidoscopic single from Sababa 5 pulls elements Thai pop, Turkish funk, and more, to stunning effect"
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********************************SABABA 5**********************************

'Sababa 5' was formed by a group of musicians known for their work for some of Tel Aviv's top artists/vocalists, such as Gili Yalo, Ester Rada and Liraz Charhi, as well as with famous groups like Hoodna Orchestra, Tigris and Kutiman Orchestra.
With members' influences that range from wrecking crew recordings from the 60's, to analog Middle Eastern music from the 70's, the sound of the band constantly revolves around different genres and rhythms, yet, in its core, 'Sababa 5' is always a groove-centric band.

Last year the band finished construction on their new recording space, a space that was especially built to accommodate live full-band recordings. Its location is right by the border of Jaffa and Tel Aviv, on Eilat St., hence the name Eilat Studios.
'Sababa 5' has just finished recording a new instrumental EP, with the aim to record more in the near future, in its new headquarters.


Born in a the Chiba district on the eastern outskirts of Tokyo, Yurika began her journey in discovering belly dancing at the age of five, taking lessons in jazz dance. After high-school she applied for belly dancing lessons almost by chance. Yet, as she quickly fell in love with the music and the nature of the movements, Yurika knew this is what she was meant to do.
Soon after Yurika began traveling around the Middle East, learning bellydancing in different cities and countries like Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. There she met the famous Istanbul-New York based
female darbuka player Raquy Danziger. who later took her to perform in Israel. There, Yurika began studying with Orly Portal, a master of contemporary folklore dance. After finishing studying with Orly,
Yurika stayed in Tel Aviv and joined bands like Boom Pam and Ouzo Bazooka, and now, Sababa 5, where Yurika is featured as a vocalist, for the first time, in a double-sided 7" EP.


released March 1, 2019

Yurika (voc)
Lior Romano (Keys)
Matan Assayag (Drums)
Amir Sadot (Bass)
Ilan Smilan (Guitar)

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all rights reserved



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Track Name: Crossroad Of Love - 愛の交差点- (Ai no Kousaten)
愛の交差点(Crossroad Of Love)




まちは夕やけこやけ あてもない愛の交差点

南から東から あてもない愛の交差点

木枯らし吹かれて あてもない愛の交差点

君は言ってたね あの時



ブラックコーヒー エチオピア

あてもない 愛の交差点

変わりゆく街並み あてもない愛の交差点

落ち葉を集めて あてもない愛の交差点




ばらばらになったり 散らかったり

今夜 ララ わかるわ

はだかなら 嘘はない 明日には忘れるの

流れるレディオ 聴きながら


ララララン ラララ ララ ティラリラリラ


At the coffee shop we spend some time together
I remember you always order Coca Cola
Would you like strawberry shortcake?

A sunset with evening glow
Wandering in crossroads of love
From south and east
Wandering in crossroads of love
A wintry blast is wailing outside
Wandering in crossroads of love

You said to me
"I still don't know you"
As you stare at people walking down the street

May I have a cup of black coffee, yes, Ethiopian
Wandering in crossroads of love
This town is changing its color
Wandering in crossroads of love
Gathering fallen leaves
Wandering in crossroads of love

Do you still remember the password that we created for this game called love
Maybe I would look good with trendy short hair?

Falling apart and scattered all around
Tonight is the day we find a way
There's only one truth if we take off everything off
We are not going to remember this when we wake up tomorrow
Track Name: Blue Universe - 蒼い世界 - (Aoi Sekai)
蒼い世界(Blue Universe)

果てなくつづく宇宙 おしえてカシオペア


何億年前から 恋人たちはみな

旅路のマップを 空にうかぶ星座にあわせた

星を数えながら 目を閉じて夢みる



流れ星とともに あなたとわたし手をつないで泳ぐの

ふたりで仰ぐそら おしえてペルセウス

冷たい夜風にふかれ まだみぬ世界へ揺れる


たどりついた 天の川

輝く星屑の群れ ふたりの逢瀬を祝う

あなたのあたたかい その胸に抱かれて


こぼれだした涙 広い海にながれ

悲しみはすべて くじら座の思い出

世界はわたしたちの 手のひらの中広がる

宇宙の温もりに この身をゆだねて舞い踊るだけ

Endless night sky
Tell me, Cassiopeia
Do these stars know all about our future?

From hundreds of millions years ago
All the lovers mapped their journey to the constellation in the night sky

Counting the stars
Closing my eyes, I start to dream
Wandering in the never-ending dark blue ocean

Into the deep sleep
Together with the shooting stars
We hold our hands and swim into the sky

Looking up at the sky
Tell me, Perseus
Waving into the world that we haven't been to

Guided by the twinkle of the star
Found the way to the milky way

Wrapped in your arms
I get drawn into the same old dream

Tears pouring down into the vast ocean
Your sad stories are all Cetus’s memories

The world is spreading in our hands
Surrender and dance in the warmth of the universe

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