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Written, produced and arranged by David Goo

Drums: Oliver Dacombe
Vocals, keys and percussion: Mariya (Mimi) Brachkova
Bass: Charlie Coulson-Smith
Guitar and vocals: David Goo
Strings: Ann Beilby
Saxaphones: Heather Hoyle
Double Bass: Joe Boyle
Strings on Lonesome and additional strings on I Know Nothing: Joe Boyle
Flute and additional Backing Vocals: Katie Macdonald

Recorded and mixed at Down and Left

Additional Guitars recorded by Oliver Price at his home studio

Mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barn Mastering

Hornet produced and additional arrangement by Nick Trepka at his studio

PR Fresh & Bold

Album design and inlay: Mariya Brachkova

Front and back selfies taken by my parents, 1967 and 2015.
Inside photos by various family members.

Thanks to the following 150 people and works that deserve our thanks and hat-tips, in no particular order (even though the paranoid amongst you will feel slighted whatever I say):
Oliver Price, Jacqui Dee, Chris Musicborn, Julien Baraness, Meropi Athanasiou, Beans On Toast, Fiona Bevan, Roxy Rawson, William Nein, Dave Sanderson, Daniel Clark, Thom Worth and his band, Liam Cottrell, Tim Fulker, Jess Fulker, Miles Lacey, Aniela Zaba, Miss Jo Williams + Eric, Emma Wainright + Lefty, Sean Jackson, Elliot Mason, Glenn Strachan, Doron and Roi Erez, James William John, John Bon Jovi Boston, Alex Hiley, Ben Wren, Greg De Carte, Amir Giles, Amos
Giles, Annette Livingstone, Avital Poschko, Aner Rabinovitz, The Coen Brothers, David Lynch, Louis CK, Joe Rogan, Echotrails, Alice Walker, The Pixies, Peter Haley, Gideon Conn, Frank Turner, Amanda Rogers, The Smiths, The Bad Plus, Three Trapped Tigers, Frank Zappa, The Usual Suspects, Rian Johnson, The English Beat, Michael Jackson, Jarvis Cocker, King Crimson, Oasis, Blur, Carol King, Pink Floyd, Al Green, Bill Withers, Roy Orbison, Coldplay's first album, Regina Spektor, The Beatles, 90s dance anthems, The Temptations, Sam and Dave, Wade Bayliss, Super Furry Animals, Nirvana, Led Zep, The Hat, MGMT, Eminem, Chilli Peppers, Mambo Number 5, Flight of the Conchord, The Fresh Prince, MC Hammer, Charlie Mingus, Justin Timberlake, U2, Neil Young, System of a Down, Tenacious D, The Presidents, The Amelies, Rob Allen, New Rising, Nick Hornby's Hi Fidelity, Richard Price's Ladies Man, Shame (the Steve McQueen movie, not the concept), Left With Pictures, John Madden and The Cheltenham Underground, Sonjay Prabhakar, Richard Purnell, Roxanne De B, Mhairi + Declan + Daniel + Niamh, Liz Williams, Michael O’Kelly, Mike Freedman, Ben Ferrari, Charlene Lebrun, Julie Mullen, Jenny Lockyer, Tom Rountree, Molly Hills, Tim Eveleigh, Felix Hagan, Andy Caruso, Sean Westwood, Stephanie Lainge, The AntiPoet + Donna, Beth Devonshire, Justin Wayne, Bob Fischer at BBC Tees, Blue Bird, Jennifer King, James Cracknell, Laura at The Ritzy, Phildel, Jens Thomsen, Zoe Zak, Jules Ballister, Steve Patmore, Claudia + John, Vicki Smith, Mark Silverman, Mean Poppa Lean and Justice Force 5 (Alex, you bastard), Cous, Andrew Wyld, Fit & The Conniptions, Duncan The Id, Sophie Foster, Jody Halstead, Kim + Nina Wagner, Miranda Barber, Andy McKay, Caroline Morris.

Special thanks to Gareth Small who went above and beyond.
Elliot (so good, I thanked him twice).
The Thomsons + The Giles’s’s’s.

This whole album is dedicated to Anna Zoe Thomson, who has to put up with so much shit. Really – thank you, Bab.


released July 6, 2015

℗ © Batov Records 2015 | BTR015



all rights reserved


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London based independent record label with sounds from all over the world

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Track Name: Lonesome
I am so lonesome,
I am so lone by myself in the city,
No one can take me away,
Come on and take me away,

In the city it gets so lonely,
Gets so lonely in the city gets so shitty,
In the city it gets so lonely,
And I am so lonesome,

I am so faithful,
I am so faith by myself,
No one can take me away,
Come on and take me away.
Track Name: Hit & Run
All these eyes
All these bones
All these limbs
I don’t see anything

All these lips
All these hearts
All these beats
I don’t feel anything

I’ve gotta goal
She’s gotta name
She must have a name
It could be anyone

There were no words
Barely a kiss
It was a hit and run.
Track Name: Sluts R Us
Nina looked hot last night – it was the last thing you expected. To fall in lust with a girl you always took for granted. She has a mole on the top of her breast that you couldn’t stop thinking of pressing with your thumb. Maybe it’s dumb, but you might just give her a call… But you know that you’ll never really be with her.
Not really. What will you do when your appetite is over? You’re gonna be stuck with another broken heart, cos you think that you’re the one. Cos you think that you’re the one for everyone.

Is calling up to me for every corner of the room,
And nothing here is good for me but I want it all.

Nina lost weight, now you’re thinking she’s great. The same words exit her
mouth, but now they’re fascinating, all because what enters her mouth is now no longer constipating. There’s a flow, there’s a rhythm to the moment you’re sharing. Now you’re staring straight into her eyes. She sees your erection, you’re admiring your reflection.
Track Name: Variations on Atheists
All alone are you.

Dreaming of the day that you meet someone who’ll take your breath away,
But all you really need is a friendly girl who will put up with you.
Track Name: Human aka Man's Lot
I always seem to fall in love with every other girl too easily,
Seems like every other day another part of my heart is broken,
I always thought a girl like you didn’t have any problems,
But now I’ve come to understand that behind every woman there is a human,

Why are you alone at night when you could have me by your side?
When you could have everyone you like?

Now I understand what it feels like…
You’re a person,
You’re nothing to look up to.

We’re all people,
We’re nothing to look up to,

We’re all people;
With nothing left to worship.
Track Name: Weird Kinda Luv
How are you?
I’m alright. I gotta lot on my mind and I’m keeping busy and I’m up all night. How
are you yourself?
I’m okay. I got a lot on my plate and I’m rushing around and I’m out all day.
And that’s why it’s so nice to come home to you.

What we have darling is a weird kinda luv,
A post modern luv,
An ironic kinda luv,
The only luv I’m capable of,
The only luv I’m capable of,
We laugh when we make it,
We snort when we say it,
We’re scared if we mean it,
We scoff at the suggestion of it,
There are no rules yet we break them all the time,
I don’t know what we’ve got but all I know is this:
We’re two random people and it seems to work - and without you, the world is so dull… the world is so dull.
And I’m amazed I didn’t explode from boredom before we met.

Cos I’m a bit of a prick - and you’re my redeeming feature. Everybody knows it…
they’re always so happy to meet you. They say, ‘David, where did you find that girl? I wish I had her for myself…’
But you don’t.
That’s right.
Everybody’s having a way better time than you, way better sex than you, a better life in general.
Track Name: Razor Cups
Razor cups,
And solar shoes,
Are just the sort of thing that I will buy for you,
In the future where you can buy anything that pops in your head,
Anything that pops will be purchased for you, girl.
And these razor cups will slice down all the fiends,
Raise them in the air as signs of victory,
And these empty hearts will puff up bright again,
Everyone’s a friend of Anna Zoe T.

Mutant jars,
And Pluto and Venus bars,
Are just the sort of thing that I will buy for you.
In this time of evolution where the market place revolves around the contents of our heads,
Well then the market place will make a thousand more of you,
A thousand Annas for the world to cherish,
Yeah the market place will be a constant source of joy,
Cos it has you a toy,
Track Name: I Know Nothing
I know nothing about love.
Every mistake I make is all to do with love.

They never really tell you how to keep things working,
They never tell you how to make things last,
They only every tell you the magical moment,
The meeting of the lovers and fireworks blast but,
We all know that romance fades and dies out,
And people either dispose or live with the corpse,
‘It only takes a minute to fall in love girl,’
But how long do you think that little minute will last for, baby.

All I want to want, I don’t really want.
And all I don’t want to want, I really really really want.
Track Name: Domestic Dispute in Song Format
And we go round and round, never finding higher ground; we circle, we say the same shit all again. And when it hits – it’s hard. ‘The truth will always set you free…’ and sink you in even deeper, deeper misery.

And you find me unattractive.
But if you only knew what went on inside me…
Thank god you can never see inside me.

See –
I’m all about the take take take
About the gimme gimme gimme
About the my my my
About the lemme lemme lemme
Take all that’s yours and all that’s not mine
All that’s yours and all that’s not mine
See I’ve tried to be a giver
And I’ve tried to be a saint
But that ain’t really me
(And since this song is all about me, really)
Let me just say:
I don’t give a shit about you you you
I only give a shit about the pleasures I’m Jew
If our needs meet we can make a deal
(Either way honey gonna cop me a feel)
I’m not gonna die for you
Pledge my life for you
I’ll die for my sins and my sins alone

You know what?
I ain’t even dying.
Cos I don’t feel like that shit.

You can stick that whole death thing up your ass; cos this piece of shit is sticking round forever. Just to spite you.
Just to spite your face.
Track Name: Ego Bus
We’ve been so long on this road now,
And everyone’s asleep except for the front seats,
Talking about the future like it’s there to eat,
You can almost taste it in your mouths,

The town’s the same but the folks change,
Sometimes they get it, sometimes just forget it,
No use going back there no more,
But gotta remember:
One good show can make it all worthwhile,
One good show can make it all worthwhile.

Egos flying high, swooping low, say hello before they say goodbye,
You won’t ever see the pain for the gain, it’s better that way better don’t ask why,

It don’t matter how much time you take,
Someone’s always desperate for a Welcome Break,
Five minutes then turn to twenty five, half an hour,
We never mean it but we’re always late,

If you’re looking to run a kindergarten,
Join our tourbus and you will harden,
We make five years look like a dream…

We’ve been so long on this road now,
And everyone’s asleep except for the big meat,
Talking about the future like it’s there to eat,
You can almost taste it now.
Track Name: The 150 Friends Club Theme Tune
Are these my friends, are these my friends, or they my friend’s friends, or my girlfriend’s friends – cos if my friends bought friends who bought friends who bought friends, then everybody’s a friend right? The worlds a friend, right? How can I war you, or want you dead, if you’re the son of a friend of a friend of a friend, a distant cousin to my girlfriend’s bestest friend, a distant cousin to my mother to my father to my sister to my brother to my cousin to my girlfriend’s friends, yo?

Are we all friends?
150 friends.

See my girlfriend, right, has lots of friends, who vanish when our relationship ends. And when we reunite – they all back again… and we back to pretending like we all real friends.

But you and I, we get along with each other. And by and by, when we get high, we do it together and never along.
Smoking a spliff - we smoke it with each other.
Playing a riff - we play it with each other.
Watching a movie - we watch it with each other.
And having a party – we party with each other.

Are we all friends?
150 friends.

See I ain’t got no beef with you,
You ain’t got no beef with me,
Why don’t we hook up with each other,
And unlock the gig with it?

We do what we want yeah, we do it with each other,
Yeah we do what we want yeah, we do it with each other etc etc.