Teen Follies 1 & 2 - Single

by David Goo

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Written by David Goo

Performed by David Goo
Aner Rabinovitz - drums and backing vocals

Recording, mixing and mastering at Down And Left

Hairy Man:

Written by David Goo

Performed by David Goo
Gregory De Carte - drums
Angel De Marco - Oi! Ha!

Engineering and preproduction by Gregory De Carte at Oktopus Studios

Mixing and mastering at Down And Left


released October 1, 2014

℗ © Batov Records 2014 | BTR006



all rights reserved


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London based independent record label with sounds from all over the world

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Track Name: Hairy Man
Let me tell you something,
About a hairy man,
Who lives inside a gutter,
P-p-plotting hairy plans,
Ayeeeeeeee the hairy hairy man,
Ayeeeeeeee the hairy hairy ma-oo-an,

There's a hairless man who's bald and shiny,
Raised the thwart the hairy man's ideas and hair-deas,
And who chases him across the city,
Naked with a pair of scissors recommended by the most camp barber in the world,
And so they tell the tale,
(funk it)

That when he raises his scissors the hairy man he holds a rock,
But the bald man picks some paper up and he covers up the rock,
The hairy man he cuts the piece of paper with the scissors,
But the bald man picks the rock up and the battle never ends,

The battle never ends.